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Personalized Dog Grooming

Pawsitive Touch has years of experience as dog groomers and obedience trainers. We provide a professional personalized level of grooming for your companion. In a relaxed, friendly environment. Our services include brushing, bathing, blow dry, sanitary clip, trim, ear cleaning, and nails. A la cart we also express anal glands or you can also call for just nail clippings. Grooming prices vary on the size and coat of the pet. Call for an appointment. 802-863-5651

Learn How to Communicate with your Pet

For a well behaving companion choose PAWSITIVE TOUCH. Strengthen the relationship between you and your dog in a positive way.Teach your dog new behaviors and have fun at the same time. We offer private lessons as well as group classes in a 6 week course. We have different levels of classes including some competition classes as well. Improve your dog's manners and obedience in a positive fun environment. Classes are small in size to maintain safety and individual attention. The goal is to help you develop a great relationship with your dog, and have the knowledge to communicate with your companion in an effective manner for your future life together.

 PAWSITIVE TOUCH is unique because we offer both grooming and training. We have worked in the Burlington area since the beginning of our careers. We are happy to say that we have worked with client's pets through the generations. Pawsitive Touch gives you access to two incredibly experience professionals who also have a reservoir of knowledge of dogs.   Sheila Lewonski is owner, groomer and trainer of Pawsitive Touch. She has been in the pet industry since 1986 and professionally grooming since 1991. She achieved an associates degree in Canine Science at Newbury College. She is a member of The Dog Groomers Assoc. as well as a certified K-9 Good Citizen evaluator. She lives with two GSD and has been active in competing in AKC obedience, rally and tracking. We also want to introduce Lucy Kirk who has been grooming since 1997. She has built a loyal clientele with her grooming talents and gentle handling of the dogs.She presently lives with a sweet mini schnauzer named Peanut. We do hope to see you soon.

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  • Full Grooming Includes
  • Sanitary clip, Feet Trimming
  • Nail Clipping, Ear Cleaning
  • Brushing,  Bath, Blow Dry
  • A La Carte
  • Anal Glands $6. with full grooming or $10. 
  • Nail Filing $5.00
  • Nail Clipping $10.00


Great class for dogs ages 3mths and older. Help build your connection with your companion and give them direction. You will learn how to communicate with your dog as you teach your pet to sit, stay, come, wait down, walk on a leash and more. We will also address nipping, jumping and barking. 

6 week class is $145.00  


The class will build on what your companion has learned in the beginners class. We will be adding distractions and difficulty to the exercises. As well as teaching your dog some new behaviors. The class is designed to stay fun but challenging. Great way to continue building on your bond together and confidence.

 6 week class is $145.00


Perfect for your busy schedule, we offer private lessons for you and your companion at any stage of life. These lessons can focus on your personal goals with your dog and tailor the training to your needs. They may be done in the comfort and safe open space of our training facility or at your home. 

Lesson at Pawsitive Touch $55.00per hr Lesson in your home $65.00 per hour. 

There is mileage limitations.  


Depending on demand and available time these are some of the other options for possible classes. Rally, Competitive Obedience, Canine Good Citizen, and others. These classes will be posted on future schedules, but please contact us about your interest. Prices will vary based on the number of weeks.


With the cold weather here in Vermont it is important to keep an eye on your furry companion. More like their feet. Some of your dogs have fur that grows under their paws. In the winter this can collect the snow and make it difficult to walk. Trimming the hair as short as possible will make the snow harder to collect and easier for your dog to pull out. There might be some products available that might help. Check out your local pet store. Booties are also another option. 

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For Your Interest: We Are Located at 27 Berard Drive, South Burlington, VT 05403 (802-863-5651)

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Call 802-863-5651- to schedule an appointment. Please leave a message and we will call as soon as possible. When we aren't up to our elbows in suds. You can also leave a message for training information. Contact us at 27 Berard Drive in South Burlington, VT 05403. Give your pet the style you love or become the well mannered pet he or she can be.    WE ACCEPT CHECKS OR CASH


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